After a mastectomy or breast-conserving therapy (BET), silicone breast replacements and silicone restorations are a way of restoring physical symmetry. Even though rebuilding does not have the desired cosmetic result, partial dentures are helpful as they can compensate for bumps and volume differences between the two breasts. Compensators can also be worn by women who have naturally uneven breasts.

Your breast prosthesis should resemble the appearance and shape of the remaining breast and restore the natural body silhouette. A well-made breast prosthesis looks lifelike, has a natural movement behavior, teetering while walking and becomes flatter while lying - like a real breast.

But a prosthesis is not only a visual compensation for the lost breast, it is also important and useful from a medical point of view. Due to the amputation, depending on the size of the removed breast, the statics of the body become unbalanced. This can lead to back, shoulder or neck complaints. Wearing a prosthesis restores the even load, especially on the shoulders, by balancing the weight, can prevent secondary damage and improve your body feel.

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