The Ofa Bamberg has, since its inception some 80 years ago, a well-defined claim. Optimal medical effectiveness for maximum comfort and good looks This experience is reflected in the extensive product portfolio again in medical compression stockings or compression stockings. Always there is the health of patients in the foreground so developed Ofa Bamberg medical compression stockings or compression stockings to supply all kinds of venous disease - from mild to severe forms of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI).

For the latest generation of memory compression stocking line advanced function yarns are used for the many years of experience in manufacturing medical compression stockings is essential. Compression stockings are complex produced high-tech products for which come from Ofa Bamberg only the finest materials and the latest knitting and Garntechnik used.

Products from Ofa Bamberg meet strict quality and testing of the RAL-GZ 387th The strict limits on human biological safety of textiles are met in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100. With the CE marking requirements for medical devices according to the European Directive 93/42 EEC and the German Medical Devices Act are met (MPG).

We offer the following qualities of the company Ofa Bamberg: Lastofa, Lastofa with cotton, memory, memory with Aloe Vera and Max Memory

These types of medical compression hosiery company Ofa Bamberg, please contact us: AD (knee socks), AG (Thigh), AT (tights), AT / S (tights Slipleib), AT / U (Maternity Tights) and AT / H (Men's Tights ).

Ofa Bamberg - "Welcome to the specialists for healthy stocking".

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