SPORLASTIC ORTHOPAEDICS - A Subsidiary Of The Hauber Group

The HAUBER Group and their premium fashion brands LUISA CERANO and HAUBER specialize in making sophisticated clothing for women.

Fashion and Orthopedics- two seemingly different worlds, have one common "interface" , the high textile competence of HAUBER, implemented by SPORLASTIC with innovative braces, supports and orthopedic orthoses.

The origins of Hauber date back to 1870. In 1970, 100 years later, SPORLASTIC was launched. Within a few decades the company developed into a leading manufacturer of orthopedic supports.

SPORLASTIC, managed by the owners, presents itself as a highly competent partner for medicine and orthopedics aids. By Focusing on supports and orthotics (bandages and Braces), SPORLASTIC, ensures a broad range of groundbreaking differentiated products.

SPORLATSTIC’s products are characterized by innovation to the highest functional quality.

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