RUSSKA is a marketing specialist with a...


RUSSKA is a marketing specialist with a private label. The extensive range of medical devices and health products range includes priorities in the product areas "home care", "Fit and Healthy" and "Mother and Child". In addition to the RUSSKA products complement well-known brands, some of which are sold exclusively in Germany, the assortment. It supplies the medical resellers, and specialists.

Under the name of Ludwig Bertram GmbH there are in addition to sales specialists RUSSKA two more divisions:
Bertram vital is in the region of Hanover / Braunschweig is the leading retailer in rehabilitation technology. Specialized staff provide their customers mostly due to medical prescriptions and over the counter health products.

MEDVET is a mail order company for veterinary practice needs: veterinarians, universities and institutes at home and abroad are supplied with a special protective clothing and instruments.

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