Terms of utilisation

1. Service provider is under § 6 Tele Services Act:

Vitego GmbH
Försterweg 26
15370 Vogelsdorf

This web site is subject to the  following terms and conditions agreed between users and service providers. This Web site is authentic. Should there be special conditions coresponding to the use of this web site and it`s terms and conditions, you will be informed. This Web site contains various datas and informations , the brand and/or copyright are protected in favor of the service provider, and in rare cases, also a third party. Therefore it is not permitted to download this Web site as a whole or  as a part , to spread or to reproduce.Technical copies for browsing purposes are permited as long as this act does not serve any economic purposes, or having permanent copies for personal use.

2. It is allowed to put a link to this web site as long as it serves only for references. The service provider has a right to revoke this permission. The framing of this Web site is prohibited.

3. The service provider is liable for the contents of its web site in accordance with statutory provisions. There is no guarantee for correctness and completeness of informations in this web site. References and links of a thid party in this web site does not mean that the service provider owns the contents, or is behind these references. In case of illegal contents, the service provider is not responsible for the local data information contents. The service provider has no control over the content behind the link. The Service provider is not responsible for illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents or damage containing links.

4. You are responsible for the use of the internet. The service provider will not be responsible for technial failures of the internet or its access.

5. The German law will be applied with the jurisdiction of legally permissible law corresponding the service provider.

6. The service provider has the right to change these terms from time to time and to adapt the technical and legal developments. The agreement shall remain effective in case of invalidity of any provisions.The provisions for the economic purpose will rule over invalid provisions.