The origins of the company BSN-JOBST GmbH go...


The origins of the company BSN-JOBST GmbH go back to 1953 when the company was founded under the name of a Dutch family Varitex. Since then sets BSN JOBST and for continual improvement of the quality of life for patients with phlebologic and lymphatic disease. Be able to meet this standard, products are subject to strict quality controls. In order to develop therapy-oriented and patient-friendly products with an optimal medical effectiveness, Jobst works with doctors and specialist retailers. Jobst also can additionally the patient experience can be incorporated into the development process. This approach ensures good product quality, a comfortable fit, stylish appearance while helping contribute to customer satisfaction.

BSN Jobst provides for the field of Phlebology to an extensive series and Maßsortiment which holds the knee socks to pregnancy supply a variety of colors and options. A high level of innovation allows individual care with optimum efficiency and optimal wearing comfort, whether circular or flat knitting supplies.

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