The company Julius Zorn GmbH (Juzo ®) was...


The company Julius Zorn GmbH (Juzo ®) was founded in 1912 in Zeulenroda (Thuringia). The company's founder Julius Zorn 1919 revolutionized the production of medical compression stockings by the introduction of new techniques. Even then it is still valid today motto of the family business by the founder, Julius Zorn was coined - "Help is a lifetime." The motto, every employee brings his knowledge to more than 100 years now since every patient can provide the best possible care. This innovative spirit of every employee contributes to develop high quality products to.
Juzo ® also sets great importance to competent information and a patient-oriented information, which is the basis for appropriate prevention.

Juzo ® has a long experience with the product range extended continuously. Besides medical compression stockings in a variety of colors and shapes, Julius Zorn GmbH offers an extensive bandages and Orthesensortiment. The used functional materials and the modern knitting Juzo ® technology provide optimal medical effectiveness and comfort in mind. All products - "Made in Germany" - supplied by Aichach from all over the world.

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