The company CEP was founded in 2007. In the...


The company CEP was founded in 2007. In the Department CEP brings the family medi his 60-years of experience in research and development work on the effect of one compression. The compressive action sportswear is estimated in the range of amateur and professional sports and very supported as the athletes by a longer endurance and quicker recovery (RECOVERING + system) before and after sporting use.

The CEP Sportswear offers advanced product concepts that have been designed specifically for different sports and due to recent scientific studies have a physiological correct pressure profile. Therefore the use in many different areas is possible and popular, such as in triathlon. for team sports such as basketball, volleyball and soccer, as in running and cross-country sprint in cycling, swimming, winter sports such as cross-country skiing and ski cross The CEP company with the combination of compression and function (additus + system) and the sporty design new trends. CEP - the intelligent sportswear.

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