BSN-Jobst compression supplies in Phlebology and Lymphology: Successful innovations are consistently oriented to customer needs. The JOBST® range has been specifically designed for women and men who need a medical compression for your legs while not want to compromise in terms of movement and comfort.

Comfortable to wear
With JOBST® compression stockings can be found at the end of a long day and just feel good as in the morning, if you dont your JOBST® stockings. Our products are made of the most durable, soft and breathable materials that allow you optimum comfort during extended wear durable. A comprehensive selection of sizes and the possibility of orthotics a perfect fit and optimal wearing comfort is guaranteed.

Medical effects
JOBST® Medical Legwear offers an effective therapy for the treatment of venous and lymphatic diseases. The compression stockings exert a precisely defined pressure on your leg (medical pressure curve). This means that in the ankle area, the required pressure is strongest; extending upward he takes off. The blood circulation in the leg is thus improved. For an individual, effective relief for tired, heavy and aching legs and in venous disorders and diseases in lymphatic offer JOBST® compression stockings a wide range in various compression classes.

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