A walking stick is much more than only a medical walking help. An elegant walking stick can even be a cultural tradition worth. And so your walking stick can become a part of your personality even today. That's why you should choose a stick thoughtful, so that it iss really fitting to you. To help you with that, we offer here a broad range of possible walking stick models.

From a pure medical standpoint a walking stick is a a very useful and effective medical aid in case of low mobility difficulties especially outside. But really satiesfied we are only, if your faithful companion is not primarily viewed from other persons as an assistant, but rather than a "good fitting" accessory.

The correct length of the walking stick:

1.76 to 1.90 m body = 94 cm stick
1.65 to 1.75 m body = 86 cm stick
1.47 to 1.64 m body = 79 cm stick

Fine adjustment / reduction
The handle should be placed at the level of the wrist, while arms hanging relaxed down. Ask another person to measure the distance between your wrist and the floor while standing straight and relaxed. Wear your everydays shoes. Now just cut to the measured length with a normal saw, place the rubber buffer and the end and you are ready to walk in a healthy way.

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