BAHNER stockings have been around for more...


BAHNER stockings have been around for more than 300 years. The production of stockings began in 1890: Louis Bahner founded ELBEO, one of the world's first manufacturers of fine knitwear, in Oberlungwitz near Chemnitz in Saxony. Already around the turn of the century, his stockings were so famous that many royal houses were produced by ELBEO.

In later years, the family of Bahner introduced further stocking brands such as Bi, GBL, Siebenpunkt and Tilly into the market.

Since 1999, Jörg Bahner has been producing stockings and support tights in the 13th stocking segment under the BAHNER brand, which mainly appeal to body-conscious "beautiful legs", health-conscious "healthy legs" and price-conscious women.

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