Especially the right fabric care and skin care for a successful compression therapy is very important. Our range includes so many different textiles and skin care products.

For gentle cleaning of your medical compression stockings, you should always use a special fabric care or detergent. For obtaining an optimal medical effect only sophisticated material compositions are used which require an appropriate cleaning and maintenance and for example the bonding of fibers prevent.

Additionally, an underwear line the fabric of your socks in the washing in the machine.

A rich and moisturizing skin care cools and soothes stressed skin of the patient during compression therapy. The natural regeneration process of the skin is healthier. Good skin care also supports the natural barrier function of healthy skin, makes you more resistant to irritants and pollutants and counteracts itching and inflammation.

Slip your compression stocking despite adhesive tape now and then?

We also have the right solution for this problem - adhesive tape wipes. They provide the best grip, even after long periods of wear.

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