SALJOL was founded in 2016. The company...


SALJOL was founded in 2016. The company occupies a niche in the market for aids: the growing private demand for products that counteract the physical limitations in old age. Our ideas stand for a better tool. For more self-determination, more support, more dignity ... for the maximum possible fun in life! SALJOL means "Fun Life. Joy Of Life."

Studies show a direct link between mental and physical health. The longer you are active and independent in age, the better. The onset of dementia and other ailments can be decisively delayed or even avoided. This in turn saves enormous sums in health care. It is important to keep the elderly as mobile and independent as possible.

The SALJOL added value: mobility, independence, health, dignity.
The SALJOL perspective: From the perspective of the users.

Our products are affordable and help directly. When developing, we take a special perspective: the user and the helping hand. We also have our own parents and grandparents in mind. We contribute to the fact that this section of life is not perceived as an incision, but as a natural transition. Life goes on.

Our motto and promise: Always on.

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