The medi GmbH & Co.KG offers your very comprehensive product portfolio of medical compression stockings or compression tights for every conceivable vein disease - from mild to severe forms of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) - a custom fitting option.

The optimal medical effectiveness of medical compression stockings is in the context of compression therapy is always in the foreground. For optimal medical effectiveness and quality only the very best materials are used, included in their development years of research and experience. In addition, these high-tech fibers and yarns yet meet many other needs, such as comfort, breathability and durability. In addition to of course also address the growing needs of patients for individuality and fit.

With mediven ® compression stockings is always found the ideal stocking for individual compression therapy - the mediven ® product line holds for men and women provides the optimal supply

All properties and supply options support fast recovery of the patient - ". Medi I feel better."

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