The active support ManuTrain by Bauerfeind relieves the wrist, for example with tendonitis, arthritis or wrist after injury. The active support ManuTrain is anatomically shaped thus, the three-dimensional active,(without constricting fabric) sits comfortably in the hand. It does not shift and promotes circulation. The two incorporated flexible Train pads (pads) is derived from the pressure of nerves and vessels and relieves pain. The breathable fabric,the optional use palm bar, and the induvidually adjustable elastic strap in combination, gives the best support and adapts to every body movement. The wrist is stabilized and massaged at the same time insuring a faster healing of irritation.
The individual adjustment of ManuTrain offers 6 sizes and three colors- black, natural and titanium.
Note: When ordering, please choose the right side or the left side.

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