The active support MyoTrain by Bauerfeind is for the use of  injuries of the thigh muscles, torn muscles, muscle sprains, bruises and muscle tightness (horse kiss). MyoTrain can be considered as a professional alternative to tapings. It operates on a principle of a Muscle taping which is characterized by an optimal fit with a high wearing comfort. In addition, the brace is very easy to wear.

The interaction of the fabric, the belt system, and the two individually integratable pads can reduce swelling thus, healing it perfectly for a faster regeneration process.  MyoTrain relieves pain and therefore suitable for an immediate acute aid after an injury. The controlled compression and the use of Akutpelotte stops the bleeding quickly. Through the use of a larger Funktionspelotte, with their longitudinal grooves, it reduces swelling and promotes lymphatic drainage, edema, and hematoma.

The wearing of MyoTrain is recommended  because it is particularly advanced for rehabilitation  as a prophylactic prevention for repeated injuries. The use of multifunctional materials makes these thigh bandages very durable, breathable and skin-friendly. All these features from Bauerfeind MyoTrain is comparable to a muscle-taping with a particular hygenic alternative and with the extensive range of 7 sizes. The bandages are made for everyone.

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