The SIGVARIS GmbH promotes the...

The SIGVARIS GmbH promotes the development of its products by the personal commitment of its staff, the use of modern technology and by working with internationally recognized vein specialist. In addition, the flow needs of partners and customers in the assortment of the company with SIGVARIS one.

Through these various medical and technical knowledge and influences are the SIGVARIS medical compression stockings for optimum medical efficacy, vitality and endurance in everyday life, for the highest aesthetic standards and comfort, for more individuality and flexibility of the patient. Fashionable target company SIGVARIS is every vein patients to keep a active life, despite allowing different phlebologic and lymphatic diseases.

We offer the following qualities of the company Sigvaris GmbH: Comfort, Cotton, Cotton MED Cotton XTRA, Magic, Traditional, Ulcer X kit and ULCER X under stocking.

These types of medical compression hosiery company SIGVARIS, please contact us: AD (knee socks), AG (Thigh), AT (tights), ATU (tights for pregnant women with extended body part) and ATH (tights for men with engagement).


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