A young company with history  The TOPRO GmbH...


A young company with history

The TOPRO GmbH in Furstenfeldbru near Munich was founded on 01.01.2010 as the first foreign subsidiary of the Norwegian company TOPRO AS to its high-quality products - walkers, rollators and ramp systems and a variety of daily living aids - to place in the German market. The company continues to carry on the private market and is therefore now in the conservative resource sector a trendsetter.

TOPRO rollators are now exported to 24 countries. In Germany TOPRO is familiar with the walker TOPRO Troy since 2002, the 2005 by Stiftung Warentest in their Rollatorentest ("test" issue 9/2005) was awarded as the winner. The TOPRO Troy is the trendsetter for high-end walkers in Europe.

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