Now you can give us upon request Custom sizes of medical compression stockings in order.

A series is a ready-made production, the normal anatomical body measurements considered, therefore, can provide itself with a series made many body measurements. Everyone has their own individual anatomy, however, and certain body measurements is only possible with a supply made to measure. As with a suit made to measure for the patient is measured individually, thus ensuring that the best medical compression stocking on the leg and sits in his full medical effects of compression therapy provides. With a custom-made, you will receive a personalized and tailored to your body measurements quality product at a fair price.

Do you have any questions contact for customization or for measuring towards, then us.

Do you already have your degree and would like a custom-made of a medical compression stocking, then please call us, we will advise you and make you an offer.

Custom sizes are not returnable.

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