About us

What is VITEGO?
This brand name hides more words that reflects our corporate philosophy:
Vital, EGO, GO
Required orthopedic and medical aids should not dominate ones lifestyle, it should be integrated closely as possible in your own lives.
With carefully selected products, we supply treatment and care. We want to contribute something that you can integrate into your own lifestyle despite health impairments.
We want you to feel at home even if you need tools to help you with either permanent or temporary disability due to your health conditions. Therefore, it should look and feel like home and unlike  the hospital. We are constantly looking and searching for variations of products that whould add a naturally high-quality functions to your private place.
Our product should give you comfort and safety. We want you to be able to decide comfortably and feel safe in your endevours outside your home. Being able to move freely to finally catch up to whatever plans you`ll have over the day and night.
It is our job to help you find your own comfort with our various products. You can easily order it in our online store quickly and safely. Your everyday life with the tools that will give you independence and freedom to ensure a love for life.
Your VITEGO Team
Lust auf Leben