There are about 10 million people in Germany who suffers regularly from knee pain. That is because the knee is not only the largest joint in the human body, but also one of the most active part. Knee complaints varies depending on what causes it. Externally, the clear signs or symptoms would be redness, swelling or bruising. The pain would be stabbing. In everyday movements, such as climbing stairs, or getting up after a prolonged sitting, knee pain may occur.
By using a knee brace you could alleviate your pain. The bandage provides a secured support for the knee and the knee cap. In addition, they provide to improve circulation in the affected joint.
This active support from Bauerfeind, stabilizes the knee joint. The newly developed Omega pad surrounds the patella and exerts a slight pressure on the body fats  below the patella. It relieves the meniscus pain and supports a higher mobilization.
GenuTrain is anatomically shaped to have a perfect fit, and a secured fit supports the leg. The breathable, skin-friendly, and soft knit  fabric of GenuTrain stands for maximum placement and comfort.

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