When Compressana GmbH, each patient is different with vein disease, from mild to severe forms of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), the care they need in the form of medical compression stockings or compression stockings.

The motto of Compressana "For each type of right sock" is the wide selection of different qualities in combination with optimal medical effectiveness. The excellent wear properties and high quality products Compressana achieved only by using the best and selected high-tech materials.

Moreover, provides Compressana qualities in diverse standard and trend colors - from transparent to opaque, modern and discreet.

All medical compression stockings and compression tights Company Compressana meet the quality requirements for compression stockings the RAL Quality Assurance and carry the CE mark for reliable medical devices.

The company Compressana GmbH has the following qualities in the product range. Compressana Cotton, Compressana Forte, Forte Pro Compressana, Compressana Leganza, Compressana Leganza Fleur, Compressana Linea Cotton, Compressana Nova Compressana Sensitive and Sensitive Compressana Linea

The medical compression stockings are available in versions for example Compressana AD (knee socks), AG (Thigh) and AT (tights) available.

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