Compression stockings  (orthopedic stockings...


Compression stockings (orthopedic stockings or elastic stockings, support stockings called) are an essential part of the compression therapy a medical aid. These are called in different compression class also KKL or CCL.

Importantly, a support stocking is not a compression stocking. A support stocking is generally controlled not decreasing pressure gradient. This can cause blood still sags in the legs and still adjust venous disease or occurs no relief of symptoms.

The following compression classes are:

 Compression Class (CCL) Compression in mmHG  Compression in KPa 
 CCL 1  18-21  2,4-2,8
 CCL 2  23-32  3,1-4,3
 CCL 3  34-46  4,5-6,1
 CCL 4  mind. 49  mind. 6,5

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