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 After TEMPUR Produkte1991 came on...

After TEMPUR Produkte1991 came on the market, the success was unstoppable. Today, people choose in more than 76 countries for the brand TEMPUR due to the outstanding comfort and excellent support provided by the products.

In order to meet the ever growing demand expanded TEMPUR, 2001 in North America and built in Duffield, Virginia, a R & D department and in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a new production plant.

Moreover, the development department and production capacity in Denmark has been continuously expanded to meet the growing demand for TEMPUR products can.

Today: Everything you need for a good night

TEMPUR mattress and pillow is constantly expanding its range with the aim of improving and producing new products, so that is something for everyone here. TEMPUR has e.g. brought three mattresses collections on the market for three different sun feelings: TEMPUR original (for a stronger sensation of lying), TEMPUR Cloud (for a softer feel deck) and the TEMPUR Sensation (for a familiar sensation of lying). These collections have been specially designed to meet the individual requirements of a good sleep and but it is also known the outstanding comfort and support for the TEMPUR maintain.