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 O-motion compression and sport is a...

O-motion compression and sport is a division of Ofa Bamberg GmbH, a leading provider of medical compression stockings and bandages in the medical supply store and a pharmacy.
The company in 1928 in Zeulenroda, Thuringia was founded. For over 60 years, its headquarters and production are Bamberg, Bavaria. Compression stockings must meet medical aid in Germany strictest quality requirements to be approved for the treatment of vein problems and funded by health insurance. This is documented by the RAL quality mark that distinguishes all medical compression stockings from Bamberg.

The many years of experience in the production of therapeutic medical devices have taken advantage of Ofa Bamberg has long been for the production of high-quality prevention products. Thus, the estimated by travelers and frequent flyers business travel stockings Gilofa 2000 for many years a bestseller. The benefits of compression for healthy athletes has long been recognized in Bamberg and related products successfully sold in the medical trade.

Quality products from Bamberg, incidentally used not only in Germany, but throughout the world and appreciated. Ofa Bamberg has operations and long-term sales partnerships in many countries in Europe and beyond. Very popular are such. As the Gilofa 2000 travel socks in Japan.

The division O-motion was founded in 2008 to make the benefits of true compression for the active sportsman widely known. O-motion compression and sport therefore, except in medical supply store and pharmacy also available in sporting goods stores.

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