Knee Pain

 Which strain the knee endures for a...

Which strain the knee endures for a lifetime, is a small miracle. Knee pain dive with age unfortunately still frequently.

The knee is the most complex joint in the body. This is understandable because as a hinge between the upper and lower leg, it performs heavy labor: constant stretching and bending over decades, to come in some people inborn weaknesses and - depending on physical activity and profession - even shocks of great force or critical continuous loads.

To remedy of pain, there are two quite similar solutions: taping knee or create a knee bandage. Both relieve the joint and relieve the pain. The bandage stabilizes neuromuskulär. The tapes, which are more often seen in professional sports, bring quick relief in acute cases. But they have to be replaced after a maximum of one week. Really good can only experts. Bandages are against usable long.

By the way: If you are by profession, sport or predisposition to increased arthritis risk, already offers itself at the onset of pain and a sensation of instability using a bandage on.


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