Back Pain

 Back pain is the most widespread...

Back pain is the most widespread complaint among the general population. It affects one in every three people, or around 70% of Central Europeans at least once a year – and among these more and more young people. And the trend is growing. There are many reasons for this: lack of exercise, poor posture, stress on one side of the body, but also psychological conditions such as stress can lead to back pain. Humans need exercise. Lack of exercise can cause back pain: the supporting elements, the vertebrae, become porous if they are not used properly, the stabilizing ligaments become slack, the muscles atrophy, while the inter-vertebral discs that thrive under constant alternating stress and relief "starve" and become brittle. The vertebral joints that create a supple connection between each vertebra start to "seize up". Insufficient stimulating movement causes all the parts of the spinal column to waste away.


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